Eating Healthy: What Can You Eat?

Eating healthy for fat loss can be a hard endeavor – what with the entire food offering in the world. Eating healthy, contrary to popular belief, can be an enjoyable way of eating – only when done right. The problem about advertising healthy diets as fads is that they can become purely psychological – people will think that the diet didn’t work, where in fact in changed the body drastically in just a short period of time.


There are many healthy eating diets which can be tapped into by any modern-day man. This includes the Vegan diet, the Paleo Diet, the Organic Diet, the Juice Cleanse and many more. A person planning to embark on a diet shift may find himself one of the diet presented, but he should bear in mind that there are basic guidelines which makes a diet extremely healthy – even without the diet plan.


Fruits, Vegetables And Greens

Fruits are rich sources of antioxidants and other minerals which the body needs to function properly. When the body is full-packed with antioxidants, it becomes an immune system powerhouse and can lose as much fat as possible. Vegetables give the body vitamins and a plethora of minerals that it needs to keep up a healthy body. Greens are the pillars to any vegetable diet because “you can never go wrong with greens”. In fact, a cup full of greens can make up the needed B-complex vitamins for the entire day.


White meat

Aside when you are going vegan, white meat is extremely helpful in getting the body the protein it needs. Chicken is the prime source of white meat, but you can also add fish to the mix. Protein from white meat, when compared to red meat is found healthier, lesser in saturated fat and is more capable of giving the body the restoration it needs when working out.



Two to three liters of water a day can invoke a detoxification process in the body. Maintain the intake for at least 3 months and the body will start to shed extra fats. This is because part of the detoxification process water induces is the dissolving of fats, and when you opt for alkaline water in your diet instead of tap, it becomes more powerful.